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The Millennial currently makes the higher generation group referred to as Generation Z (Gen Z), which many businesses struggle to incorporate. Gen Z is highly sensitive than the past generations and has completely new demands. However, Yubo understands their needs and has successfully won their hearts. It’s a French social networking mobile application meant to help new members meet and develop a sense of community.

Yubo-app is friendly to this generation and appreciates it as they know the benefits of involving this group in their business. It understands this generation and has also gone a step further to implement the necessary measures to embrace their values by providing suitable products. The following are various ways in which this App supports Generation Z:

  1. Yubo Focuses on Racial Justice

It has a firm social goal of promoting social justice and ensuring high inclusivity globally. This App has collaborated with other organizations like BYP100 and People’s Action to develop an inclusive space that favors everyone. It encourages and educates about the importance of voting, which is among the top values of Gen Z. The group is likely to form a higher percentage of eligible voters of the first generation. Yubo has invested a lot of time enlightening its users about racial justice and has created an all-inclusive and favorable environment.

  1. Yubo Understands Identity

It acknowledges and comprehends that Gen Z members don’t like being identified by what they own. They are always after exposure, new activities, and experiences. This App has developed a platform where people buy and sell their experiences. They can create profiles, get notified about various events and activities in their areas, and connect one-on-one with different users. Its social platform involves all experiences and identities. It’s an excellent way for Generation Z to express themselves without being judged.

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