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InfraBuild, one of Australia’s largest unified steel long product manufacturers and suppliers, recently appointed Vik Bansal as the new Chief Executive Officer. During his six-year contract as the CEO, his role will be to oversee the company’s tremendous growth. For the past twenty years, Vik has held multiple executive positions across Australia, the United States, and Asia.

Sanjeev Gupta, the executive chairman of InfraBuild Company, notes that Vik Bansal knows the company very well, and his appointment as the Chief Executive Officer will be rewarding. He has also operated an ASX100 company as the CEO and transformed it through creating and enhancing values. With InfraBuild’s plans, its executive board is thrilled to welcome Vik into their team with other experts, including Dak Patel.

Vik Bansal acknowledges that InfraBuild’s competitive positioning, results, and prized infrastructure are incredible, and through its strong market demand, it will succeed in its current trajectory. Bansal will commence his roles at InfraBuild on 1st July 2021 as the CEO and executive member.

According to Sanjeev Gupta, Dak Patel remains the director and member of other departments in InfraBuild. He has made massive changes in InfraBuild, and its recent financial success results from his hard work. He has also established a solid future growth foundation at InfraBuild. Sanjeev says that he is pleased and will use Patel’s commercial experience and judgment to develop InfraBuild.

Dak Patel acknowledges that he has been planning for the changes for some time, and Vik Bansal’s appointment is remarkable as it aligns with InfraBuild’s future ambitions. Vik Bansal is the former managing director and Chief Executive Officer of Cleanaway since August 2015. He was also the Chief Operating Officer and President of Valmont Industries Inc. Vik Bansal graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical engineering and MBA. He has also attended INSEAD and completed the unconventional management program.

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