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The President and Chief Commercial Officer of Augmedics medical research firm, Tim Murawski, is a long-time businessman with excellent leadership experience. Since he began his career in 1996, he has led many organizations, including Baxter International, Intuitive Surgical, and Mazor Robotics. At Baxter International, healthcare expert and businessman Tim Murawski worked as Territory Sales Manager. 


In this organization, he began gaining his leadership experience and skills by working with a vast sales team to meet the organization’s demands. Tim Murawski later worked as Area Sales Manager at Intuitive Surgical. After Intuitive Surgical, another leadership position added value to the great leader at Augmedics. The most extended organization Tim Murawski has worked in is Mazor Robotics. This organization managed to see the fire in his skills and managed to keep him around. 


At Mazor Robotics, Tim Murawski began working as Regional Sales Director. He was later promoted to Regional Account Director after working for three years. He was again promoted to another senior position as a Vice President, US Accounts. Tim Murawski´s journey to the top also did not end at the Vice President, US Accounts. Tim Murawski managed to get himself a more senior position in the same organization as the Vice 


President of Global Renaissance Business

Today Tim Murawski is President and Chief Commercial Officer of Augmedics; another leadership opportunity entrusted to him by a Chicago-based organization to lead medical surgery to another higher level with cutting edge technologies. The organization also aims at instilling technological confidence when it comes to surgical works. Tim Murawski points out that Augmedics came up with the famous xvision Spine system (XVS). An XVS is an augmented reality (AR) navigation system that was the first technology system used in surgery.

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