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We grow by looking up and around, and achieving a career as an attorney is no different. One place to start is looking into the professional path of someone practicing law actively. One particular individual that started ordinarily In a foreign field and has grown into owning a law firm is Juan Monteverde. While there are many others to look up to, Juan’s path is diversely compelling in ways that challenge us to look out for any opportunities that come our way.

Starting at California State University (CSA), North-ridge, Juan bagged his undergraduate degree in finance, hoping to secure his career along these lines. Time has proven to be of the essence, and as he appreciates his then dream of becoming one of the people that shape world economies, his time in CSA opened up his mind to something even greater. Taking a part-time job at a local firm became his life-defining moment as it became foundational to him going to law school.

At St. Thomas University’s School of Law, Juan Monteverde graduated near the top of his class, working partly as an associate at Diaz Reus local firm working with both U.S based and global clients. His first case out of school saw him perform at a defense law firm before turning his interest into the securities field. His formation of Monteverde & Associates followed shortly afterward, enlarging his practice and representation of cases on injustices.

The life of Juan Monteverde has taught us that no person is meant to be just one thing. We are allowed to change dreams and perspectives as life goes on; most importantly, do not let a chance to change something pass us by.

Connect Juan at professional network: http://Linkedin.com/in/jmonteverde

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