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Every entrepreneur intends to see their ventures grow and address new challenges even during the tough times. However, changes are inevitable, and adjusting to them is challenging for many entrepreneurs now and in the future as businesses evolve. Change is always a constant aspect every business experiences regardless of the industry; technology and markets. A majority of the successful ventures today do not operate under the same strategies envisioned by the initiators. For example, Twitter was meant to be a network for podcast subscriptions, Youtube was just a dating service through videos, and PayPal concentrated on payments, but all the same several permutations have occurred since its founding about two decades ago.

The world is rapidly evolving, and this alters the customers’ needs as well as sticking to the tune based on the way issues are shifting. Therefore, agile businesses can adapt their strategies for overall business survival. Terranova’s evolution is a perfect business journey that describes how change happens and works. Terranova Corporation is among the real estate ventures found in Southern Florida. Stephen Bittel established this venture about four decades ago.

In the first twenty years, the plan was oriented to acquiring properties like the shopping facilities found in suburban markets. During this period, youth and their families relocated from the city to the outskirts where vast spaces were available and so lucrative businesses could thrive and accrue high returns. After the millennium, a lot of things changed, and the youth were now moving to the urban regions to adjust to other plans. Therefore, Stephen Bittel started establishing properties based in the downtown walkable areas.

Stephen Bittel’s Bio

Stephen Bittel founded the Terranova Corporation in 1980 and still serves as the chairperson. Terranova is among the best commercial real estate companies owning a massive property portfolio in South Florida and growing to advance to other areas.

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