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A visionary tech entrepreneur, Leo Radvinsky has long championed open source platforms such as the highly versatile programming language B4X. The startup company behind B4X serves as a perfect example of just how far an open source model can take you.

When Leo Radvinsky became involved with B4X, its creators were in a precarious position. Although the software was quite popular in the rapid application development (RAD) arena, it was unable to take full advantage of its consumer growth prospects using its existing proprietary sales model. Radvinsky not only provided a critical influx of capital funding for B4X, he played a key role in its transition to an open source distribution model.

By embracing the open source concept, B4X exponentially expanded its outreach and got its software into the hands of innovative developers everywhere. This proved to be a tremendous boon, not only for B4X but for everyone who got the opportunity to use it.

Here are just three short success stories of innovative designers who leveraged the power of B4X:

Brazilian designer Douglas Farias began working with B4X at the end of 2013. He had recently retired from the army and was struggling to learn Java when his life was transformed by the incredible accessibility and ease of B4X programming. Designing applications with B4X, he ultimately established his own company ID Desenvolvimento, which is currently worth $1 million and has developed more than 500 apps to date.

The creator of the desktop app ImageTrans, Lihang Xu used the next gen B4X-inspired platform B4J to develop this innovative computer-assisted image translation tool. When it came time to distribute ImageTrans, he chose FastSpring, the same e-commerce platform occupied by B4X.

An example of a much smaller, yet no-less-impactful, project, Bryon Dunkley-Smith used B4J, B4R, and B4A to power a scoreboard display at the home venue of his local amateur basketball club. He celebrated the culmination of a 20-year dream when his giant video screen lit up with a variety of game statistics.

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