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Ross LevinsohnSince 1990, Ross Levinsohn has worked for a number of companies in the marketing, advertising and financial sectors. He has also served as an adviser to colleges, trade groups and other organizations that are looking to improve their visibility. In October 2019, Levinsohn was chosen to be the top executive of Sports Illustrated, and several months later, he was chosen to serve as Maven’s CEO. As of June 2021, he is still the leader of both organizations.

Levinsohn Started His Career With HBO

In 1990, he would join HBO to help lead their production department, and he would remain with the company for six years. He would then spend the rest of the 1990s with CBS Sportsline, and during his time with CBS, Ross Levinsohn made significant changes to how fans interacted with the games that they were watching. For example, it became commonplace to see stats, highlights and updated scores from other games on your television screen even if a particular matchup wasn’t being broadcast in your market.

Ross Levinsohn Joined Fox Interactive Media in 2000

At the turn of the 21st century, Levinsohn would accept an executive role with a company that is now known as Fox Sports One. However, in 2000, the company was known as Fox Interactive Media, and it had limited market share in the United States. Thanks to Levinsohn’s work, the broadcast network is now the home to global events such as the FIFA World Cup.

Levinsohn Started a Venture Capital Firm in 2014

Whisper Advisers was founded in 2014 to help startup companies gain access to working capital. He would remain with the firm for three years before becoming the CEO of Tribune Interactive Media.

Sports Illustrated and Maven Have a Longstanding Partnership

Levinsohn is able to serve as the CEO of Maven and Sports Illustrated because the two companies have a strong working relationship. Maven provides the tools that Sports Illustrated uses to create, publish and market its content.

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