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DFINITY USADfinity USA and its Internet Computer have had a lot going on since the first day of 2022. Founded by Dominic Williams six years ago, Dfinity USA has built quite an enterprise. It spun off a nonprofit, the Dfinity Foundation, in 2021. This foundation handles the funds generated from the company’s past ICO and airdrop and the infusion of cash from partners and backers. It also handles the educational programming, grants and scholarships for students and educators who want to learn how to code for the project.

Dfinity USA 2022 News

In January 2022, the first DEX launched on the Internet Computer. It went live after the release of a white paper. The DEX, called Sonic, went live on the main network of the Internet Computer. It allows for the exchange of three types of tokens. There are already plans for a second launch of Sonic, and it will include a native token for governance, a launchpad and decentralized autonomous organization tools. Dfinity USA hinted that two additional DEXs would join Sonic by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Also in January, the Internet Computer launched a collection of Web3 decentralized applications, or dapps. These dapps span a variety of functions, including games and non-fungible tokens. This project is a collaboration between Dfinity and Huobi Incubator, which is a management division of Huobi Global.

Other Recent Updates for the Internet Computer

DFINITY USAIn late December, the Internet Computer received an update with an Ethereum bridge. Called the Bridge to Terabithia, it offers a solution for managing smart contracts, and the canisters of data do not go on the mainframe of the Internet Computer. This eliminates risks of hacking and other nefarious activities by malicious parties.

How the Internet Computer Got Started

The Internet Computer, formerly called the Dfinity Computer, came to fruition from an idea Dominic Williams had in 2016. He launched the business in the cradle of technology, Palo Alto, CA. Williams’ experience as an entrepreneur is second only to his wizardry at programming, coding and creating new types of technology that change how many things get done.

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