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The story of Josh Garza is one in which the protagonist overcomes significant obstacles to achieve his goals, experiences many hardships, and gains wisdom through it all.

Through hard work and dedication, Josh has built a successful company.

Here we discuss how Josh Garza has carved his path.

  1. Determination

Josh could’ve easily given up when he found himself in situations where he didn’t have the skills or knowledge.

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Instead of giving up, Josh would continue to learn and grow, never allowing himself to become stagnant.

Josh’s success is driven by his determination and passion for what he does.

To do this, he has spent countless hours studying to keep up with current events, networking with others, and reading the books that helped him along the way.

  1. Knowledge Acquisition

Josh understands that knowledge is power, and he’s constantly learning new things to keep his mind fresh.

Josh’s ability to learn new things, process the information, and apply it to his business has been the catalyst for much of his success.

He understands how necessary knowledge is because you cannot implement changes that will help your business grow without it.

He crafts his network of people by constantly learning more through books and courses, attending conferences, workshops, and seminars, and online interactions with other entrepreneurs.

  1. Networking

Being in business for yourself can be a lonely experience at times.

Josh felt the same way, which is why he always kept in touch with other people who were successfully doing what he wanted.

He designed his success by building a thriving network of successful people who would lend him a hand when needed.

As long as Josh was willing to learn and take care of his network, they would do the same for him.

  1. The Power of Relationships

The most important aspect of Josh’s success is the people he surrounds himself with.

As long as he kept his network happy and took care of them, they would do the same for him.

He made sure to learn how they could help him reach his goals so that they could be a part of his journey to achieve his dreams.

Josh Garza understands that you can ask anybody for help, but if you’re not a good person, no one will want to help you.

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Learn more about Garza: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/josh-garza

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