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The core products of IM Academy, also known as academies, entail four different training programs designed for maximum learning potential; hence are perfect for those who want to become a master of forex trade. Learners can use the concepts they have learned in the informational videos and interactive goLive sessions in each program. Here are the IM Academy products.

  1. FRX Academy

The FRX academy teaches new learners the basics of forex and how to trade. The course starts with the history and basics of the forex market. The crucial subjects covered in this course are:

  • What is traded in forex
  • Understanding buying and selling in the markets
  • Bid versus ask
  • Understanding stop loss
  • Analysis of trends
  • An introduction to harmonics
  • Risk management planning
  1. HFX Academy

The HFX Academy helps you gain a greater understanding of the market by giving you a more in-depth view. This course is for those who want to master the market and become professional traders. Through this course, IM Academy helps students learn the basics of high-frequency exchange and methods and types of analysis.

  1. DCX Academy

This academy helps students learn how the international exchange market works. Learn how to trade and manage money to make it grow. It provides information about digital currency exchange and the fundamentals of trading in DCX. This academy offers the opportunity to interact with IM educators with expertise on DCX through the goLive sessions.

  1. ECX Academy

E-commerce is the center of this academy. In this academy, students learn how to build and manage online businesses. In this academy, you will learn the basics of e-commerce and the dos and don’ts of setting up an e-commerce business. It entails video modules concluding with a quiz test for the students.


IM Academy is dedicated to providing top-quality education in forex trading, digital currency trading and e-commerce to help its members maximize their potential and help them become successful traders, entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals. Its products are delivered through the virtual platform allowing students to access the products and learning materials online anytime and anywhere they want.

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