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Haroldo Jacobovicz, even at a tender age, believed that technology could revolutionize the entrepreneurial world. And in that aspect has always looked for ways to incorporate technology into several of his enterprises.

How It Started

Haroldo Jacobovicz was raised by parents who were both Brazilian civil engineers and trailblazers in their fields. His mother, Sarita, for example, was among the first civil engineers to existing during her time in that part of the country. And his father was also a civil engineer and worked in construction and as a university professor.

They both helped to shape the man Haroldo Jacobovicz is today as they were his source of inspiration as he saw them create vast physical structures of great value from nothing. And this sparked an interest in him that years later, he decided to follow in their footsteps and study civil engineering when he joined university.

And during his university years, he also developed an interest in the emerging field of information technologies and decided to pursue it and create something out of it.

Acting on His Ambitions

Haroldo Jacobovicz was quick to see the opportunity presented by technology to improve service delivery in public agencies, especially in agency work. Still, the lack of reliable telecom networks hindered progress.

It was then that he decided to create Horizons Telecom, a company that was to offer services such as data storage and voice solutions and backup support to several companies. However, its primary focus was to be on the public sector.

Horizons Telecom was also to offer a sustainable digital framework with multiple redundancies, which would allow for great customer experiences.

Also, seeing the growing demand for cloud computing solutions, founded Horizons Datacenter, a company that offered cloud computing services to several companies in the country. The company has since been very successful that recently in 2020, it purchased an internet service provider Onda.

And armed with Horizons Telecom and Horizons Datacenter enterprises, Haroldo Jacobovicz revolutionized the communication scene and the public sector in Brazil.

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