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Georgette Mulheir is an internationally renowned philanthropist dedicated to helping orphans settle and be loved and cared for. After studying music at Sheffield University for a few years, Georgette joined a social service agency to help orphans find a new home. She believes that orphanages pose a serious threat to children, as there have been many child abuse cases, food shortages, rape, accidents, and deaths in the past. Georgette Mulheir is keen to end the orphanage by creating new opportunities for these children. At Lumos, she served as a Global Strategic Advisor. This is a well-known non-governmental organization that works with orphans and finds permanent homes for vulnerable kids worldwide. 


Georgette Mulheir believes that everyone should have the opportunity to belong to something, not an organization. After moving to Romania, she helped reduce the orphanage number from 200,000 to 20,000. This decline prompted her to move to other countries to continue with the rescue mission. According to Georgette Mulheir, kids in orphanages confront severe problems and are ignored by society and governments. In 2017, when the world’s leading leaders gathered at the annual high-level political forum to discuss sustainability issues, it was clear most kids are yet to establish their families. 


Mulheir wants children to have a place they can find love and care. As one highlighted, kids are not enlisted in government data, and over time they have become invisible and been marginalized. How did Georgette help them? Georgette Mulheir has used various organizations to link these kids with new families. People want to adopt such children and take care of them. But the methods used by governments don’t collect information about children suffering in orphanages. 

This situation excludes them from the national plan, a situation Georgette Mulheir has been decrying about. Georgette Mulheir recently gave a speech on orphanage happenings around the world. She estimates that there are approximately over one million such kids in those facilities. While some believe orphanages are ideal centers for kids to grow, reports show otherwise. Georgette Mulheir recently hit the news about the recent happenings in Haiti, where nearly everybody is suffering under the ruthless government. Children and women are the most affected. Through her charity organization, Georgette Mulheir is partnering with other agencies and global bodies to light the country’s situation. She continues pushing for the ideal solutions.

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