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Don Manifold is an expert in M&A and serves as the Managing Director and Co-Owner of Equity & Advisory, Adelaide. The firm Manifold Advisory Partners was also founded by him.

Manifold was the head of EY’s Transaction Advisory practice in South Australia and the Northern Territory before he founded Equity & Advisory. His resignation from EY resulted from his desire to launch his own company.

Don Manifold has advised on transactions totaling over $60 billion in the past three years, including mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, capital raises, and sales. Also, he gave expert, impartial assessments of companies with above $25 billion in annual revenue Organizational Consulting by Kidman for S.
His Expertise in Leadership

Don Manifold has an extensive background in many different industries, including but not limited to retail, IT, manufacturing, agricultural, consumer goods, and international relations.

Since he has worked in Sydney, Melbourne, and London, as well as covered deals in Croatia and Papua New Guinea, he is well-versed in international trade and is sensitive to local customs. He considers economic issues on a global scale.

For over 15 years, his companies, Manifold of Equity & Advice and Manifold Advice Partners, have led the way as transaction advisors. The top firms have engaged him in his industry. His former clients lauded his ability to thoroughly examine several scenarios and show how they all related to the trade.

Don Manifold is the man to go to when time is of the essence, but you can’t afford to lose money or have your contract nullified. It doesn’t matter if a client is thinking about merging, buying, or selling; he can give them sound advice.

Manifold has a BSc in economics from Cambridge, where he studied accounting. Not only that, but he also has an MBA. He attended the prestigious Australian Graduate School of Management to acquire his master’s degree in business administration.

Finally, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, an organization that fosters chartered accountants’ growth and professional development in Adelaide, Australia and New Zealand, has elected him to the rank of Fellow. He is widely respected as an industry expert.

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