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Dave AtrobusDave Antrobus is the Technology Director at Fresh Thinking Group, a firm that helps distressed companies grow and develop profitable businesses. He is known for his expertise in web development and project management. As a manager, Dave can help teams develop the necessary technology solutions to enable them to achieve their goals.

Dave Antrobus from Fresh Thinking Group is a tech evangelist. He is the creator of award-winning solutions that enable businesses to create better, more secure e-commerce and software development environments. He is currently working on his certification in the Scrum framework.

Dave has worked with some of the biggest names in tech, including Google and Matalan. His background in digital marketing and user experience makes him an asset for any company that FTG acquires. Below are some trends for 2021 Dave Antrobus predicts.

  1. As-A-Service Becomes More Popular

The as-a-service Revolution refers to the rise of companies using cloud-based platforms to operate and back up their systems. Due to the pandemic, more firms are expected to start using the cloud in 2021.

  1. 5G And Better Connectivity

Mobile connectivity has become more prevalent over the years, opening up new possibilities for gaming. With the release of 5G, we are likely to see more advanced gaming platforms emerge in 2021. Aside from gaming, 5G will also enable new applications such as augmented and virtual reality.

  1. Vehicle Automation

COVID-19 has disrupted the commute for many people, and the number of passengers has decreased. However, this uncertainty is likely to continue throughout the next decade. To prevent this, public transport networks should start adopting vehicle automation systems.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

According to Dave Antrobus of the Fresh Thinking Group, the rise of AI is expected to continue its exponential growth throughout 2021. It will play a vital role in the development of new applications that help us interpret the world around us.

AI systems are being developed to support the pandemic by monitoring the capacity of public spaces and tracking the movement of people. It can also predict when and where healthcare services will be needed.

With the rise of AI, businesses will be able to collect and analyze data on their customersā€™ evolving behaviors. This will enable them to make informed decisions and improve their customer service.

  1. Drones and Robots

Over the last couple of years, the emergence of robots has raised concerns in the healthcare industry. While humans play an important role in these areas, robots can help provide better care and comfort for patients.

Dave Antrobus, co-found of Fresh Thinking Group, loves to talk about how technology is transforming the way businesses operate. One year ago, the impact of technology on employment opportunities was already significant. As digital platforms and processes became more prevalent, businesses have been able to scale up and compete globally.


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