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It is almost a norm in any democratic country in the world for members of parliament to argue viciously whenever they are deliberating on issues. In fact, some sessions end up in heated flames of violence to the point that the police are used to dispatch the honorable members. Although it might be said so for virtually any democracy, things are different in the politics of Antigua and Barbuda. When on the floor of the house, members of parliament maintain law and order; Asot Michael, one of the renowned members of parliament, representing the people of St. Peters Constituency is among those that are in the forefront of championing for the people’s rights.


Early this year, members of parliament started scheduling sessions that would make it easy for them to discuss the budgetary allocations for the country’s various sectors. And Asot Michael made his proposals. The theme of the budgetary discussion for the country said in part, ‘Maintaining a steady and healthy nation, while restoring and keeping a vibrant economy’. With this in their minds, MPs started the deliberation one after another. 


When his turn came, Asot Michael stood and gave an astounding speech that kept all his fellow colleagues present glued to him. According to him, the theme was perfect and the timing for deliberations were perfect. As his routine, Asot Michael started by thanking his constituents for trusting in him by choosing him to represent them. The MP further commended the speaker, thanked his colleagues, and the citizens in general before he started addressing his fellow colleagues and the nation at large (Newsanyway). 

Among his memorable words were how he thanked the Prime Minister on his ingenious ways of handling the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Asot Michael, the novel virus as of May 2021, claimed thousands, even tens of thousands of lives worldwide. “As the number of deaths from the novel virus continues to soar, there is a need for the government to take even stricter measures,” Asot Michael argued. The MP however, thanked the PM for his efforts in ensuring that the Health Ministry has the necessary resources to fight the novel virus. He said his wish is the PM together with other government officials to maintain competence, accountability, innovation, democracy as well as transparency if they have the nation and the people they represent at heart.

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