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Vik Bansal Views on How to Learn and Evolve With Humility in Leadership

Mr. Vik Bansal is a top competent business executive leader based in Australia. He is the Chief Executive Officer at InfraBuild, a leading integrated steel manufacturing, and recycling company. Vik is someone with a big name in the management circles and has earned an excellent reputation for looking for the most significant challenges in his


The future of real estate in Metaverse with Justin Halladay

Justin Halladay’s metaverse real estate is in NFT Worlds, a network of interconnected worlds filled with games, concerts, community hangouts, and more. It’s the first-of-its-kind play-to-earn gaming metaverse, with in-game portals allowing players to easily travel between their favorite worlds. Read more: The Startup Magazine The Accomplishments of Entrepreneur, Justin Halladay | The Startup Magazine


Alexander Payne

What Makes Goodfilms Even Better: Alexander Payne’s Process, Inspiration and Enjoyment Of Working With The Same People It’s hard to say what specific steps go into making a film, and everyone has their process – but one thing is sure: anyone who has worked with Alexander Payne on a project can attest to the quality


Justin Halladay Leads Us into the Metaverse

Wikipedia describes the “metaverse” as an imaginary and immersive world that is accessed using either virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) headsets. It is further described as a social network comprised of three-dimensional virtual worlds. The metaverse has been featured in science fiction since the early 1990s and, during its early incarnation, was focused


Andrew Lazarus

Andrew Lazarus The Hamilton Hotel, located in Hamilton, Ontario, is a five-star resort with a 120-room occupancy capacity. The resort was founded by Andrew Lazarus, the owner of one of Hamilton’s most controversial business ventures: the Hamilton Golf and Country Club. Despite these protests, Lazarus successfully reopened the golf club in late 2013 after spending


Josh Garza

Josh Garza The drummer for the American jazz band, The Rippingtons, Josh Garza, is a renowned musician who has dedicated his life to making music. Born on June 1st, 1974, Garza grew up in Carlsbad, California (USA). He studied political science and psychology at The Juilliard School. Further reading: Josh Garza: A Bonham Disciple Carves

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