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Randy DouthitMany critics are clamoring about the new IMDB TV exclusive Judy Justice. This show is the natural evolution of Judge Judy, starring the titular star Judge Judy Sheindlin. This modernized show has brought back many other returning cast members, and more notably producers including Randy Douthit.

Executive producer and director, Randy Douthit has a notable career in TV production and development. Douthit is the main driving force behind many hit shows including CNN’s Crossfire and Larry King Live. Douthit’s role as executive producer of Judge Judy won him a Daytime Emmy in 2013. In 1988, Douthit won a CableACE Award for his work producing Larry King Live.

Douthit also worked as a director for Judge Judy and has proven himself to be a known name in Hollywood. His long career with studios such as ABC, CNN, and Warner Bros have prepared him to take on a new venture with Amazon Studios and IMDB TV.

Justice Judy, which began in November 2021, has received the largest promised first run of any streaming show – totaling 120 promised episodes. The show, which airs every weekday, offers the same court drama we know and love from its predecessor.

There is no current rival to the show, aside from the CBS re-runs of Judge Judy. Both Douthit and Sheindlin are aware of this competition but are confident that their new show is reaching a new audience of viewers. The feel fans will be clamoring for fresh content and will find it with a spin on IMBD TV.

Randy DouthitThe show has initially received mixed reviews due to the exclusion of former bailiff Petri Hawkins Byrd. However, there needs to be time for viewers to adjust to the new characters. Judge Sheindlin’s granddaughter, Sarah Rose, brings a Gen-Z perspective to the court drama series. Kevin Rasco, the former head of security of Judge Judy, is now taking a more front-facing role as the new bailiff.

All of these moves are likely to place Justice Judy as a modern household favorite bringing together new and old watchers alike.

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