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Many people have done good things in their lives. An owner by the name of Scott Berkowitz is such a person. He founded a company called RAINN in 1994. The aim of the company is to help pass laws and give assistance to survivors of sexual crimes. Over the years he has been working very hard to make sure that no one has to suffer from these unspeakable crimes. He wants to do his best to help survivors get the justice that they so long deserve and put those that perpetrate the violence behind bars so they will not hurt anyone else.

When he first started Scott Berkowitz knew almost nothing about these kinds of crimes. He was able to learn fast from a friend. He was able to help bridge the gap between survivors and the justice system. He wanted to do all he could so that victims could have their say. That was the genesis of RAINN. His days are always different and he wants to stick to his guns when it comes to his business. He says that now his business is done on Zoom. He is able to keep in touch with donors and lobby for new laws that help victims of sexual violence.

He wants to do all he can to educate people on the trend of sexual violence. That is a key for him. The more people know about these things the more likely it will be that laws are passed and people are protected under the law. He sees that young people are particularly vunerable and they are beginning to open up about things like this. It will be able to make the laws better and stronger down the road. This is one of the many main goals for RAINN and Scott Berkowitz.

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