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Gordonstoun is an academy in the north of Scotland. Gordonstoun has produced the Outward Bound Movement and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. It helps students develop their leadership skills to become good role models for others. Check out: Gordonstoun, Moray, Scotland, UK – Which Boarding School The Academy is also a member of the Association


Gordonstoun School is Teaching Volunteerism as an Important Community Undertaking

Volunteerism has now become a very important strategy in the community. There are very many individuals in the world today using volunteerism to tackle complex problems facing the community. Such individuals have been playing a very vital role in the community because they have been enabling people who do not have sufficient funds to access


 A Legacy Remembered

On the day of his funeral, students at Prince Philip’s alma mater laid a wreath in the sea near Hopemann Harbour to honor his passing. The ceremony was small, with one piper, displaying the Duke of Edinburgh’s coat of arms, playing on bagpipes presented to the school by the Queen in 2019. The ceremony may

Emmett Till Museum
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