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Tim Murawski´s leadership journey

The President and Chief Commercial Officer of Augmedics medical research firm, Tim Murawski, is a long-time businessman with excellent leadership experience. Since he began his career in 1996, he has led many organizations, including Baxter International, Intuitive Surgical, and Mazor Robotics. At Baxter International, healthcare expert and businessman Tim Murawski worked as Territory Sales Manager. 


Thomas Neyhart efforts to make solar power widely accessible

Businessman and CEO Thomas Neyhart is the famous PosiGen CEO who has been at the forefront in championing accessibility of solar power for all. Some communities face challenges accessing affordable solar power. As Thomas Neyhart explains, the efforts that he has made in availing solar power have contributed to improving lives in different parts of


Georgette Mulheir Sought to Help the Most Vulnerable in Haiti

Georgette Mulheir is an internationally renowned philanthropist dedicated to helping orphans settle and be loved and cared for. After studying music at Sheffield University for a few years, Georgette joined a social service agency to help orphans find a new home. She believes that orphanages pose a serious threat to children, as there have been

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