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Alexander Payne

Born Constantine Alexander Papadopoulos alias Alexander Payne is now a household name in Hollywood. The gentleman now aging fast has earned a name for himself in not only Las Vegas but also across the globe for his unique screen direction. Alexander is of Greek descent but also has rich ties with Aigio, Livadia, as well as Syria. As a renowned screenwriter, Alex, as some of his close fans prefer to call him, manages to marshal a clean sheet of balance between handling art and business. However, those that have known Alexander Payne ever since he arrived at Hollywood, say that the gentleman has a subtle ability of achieving many great things even when the resources at hand are extremely minimal.

Because of what appears to be his great achievements over time, some of his closest associates and followers have given him a title, ‘the small Alexander the Great of All Times in America’. Speaking of superficial entertainment in the Hollywood, Alexander Payne won an Oscar award recently following his screenplay movie, The Descendants, which starred George Clooney. Even as the movie won an Oscar, the film was nominated for additional categories namely best editing, best male actor who takes part in the leading role, best director, as well as best picture.

In 2002, several years after working at Universal Films, Alexander Payne partnered with Jack Nicholson when producing the movie About Schmidt. The partnership saw the movie director get two nominations. On another seemingly surprising note, Sideways, another movie, directed by Alexander, was nominated for at least five Oscars and in the end, the movie succeed in becoming number one to win ‘the best screenplay trophy’.

Alexander Payne

Away from his active role in the movie directing, Alexander Payne, who has been raised up in Nebraska thrilled his fans and all that listened to him during the 84th Edition of the Oscars. When his time to acknowledge receiving his prizes, the Hollywood star took the audience by surprise when he addressed them in fluent Greek. With that alone, Alexander showed the world some of his additional capabilities. When asked why he chose to speak Greek instead of English, Payne answered, “I was addressing my dear mother.”

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